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Julia Larsen
Julia Larsen
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DAPrDAN is amazing. They provide great customer service, they communicate with you every step of the way. They do fantastic work, my roof and gutters look beautiful. The before and after pictures are cool too! I would definitely recommend them and will use them anytime I need something done. Thank you!
Suzanne Barker
Suzanne Barker
Read More
I contacted DAPrDAN to clean my very clogged gutters and very mossy roof. They were extremely pleasant and professional from start to finish. I was kept apprised of the process from booking the service to completion. I am extremely pleased with the work that was done.
Sheri Schroeder
Sheri Schroeder
Read More
Highly recommend this service! Very professional and detail oriented. Did all work as planned and it was high-quality.. I will definitely be using the service in the future. During their last visit, they cleaned all gutters on a three-story home and cleaned all windows inside and out and left them sparkling.

 Trimlight FAQs

Get answers to the top 11 most asked questions about the Trimlight permanent LED holiday lighting system.

How much will my Trimlights cost?


Here in the Puget Sound, the average project ranges between 130 to 180 linear feet. At this volume the price is typically $32 to $40 per linear foot for 9-inch spaced bulbs, depending upon complexity of installation, the number of controllers required to achieve the look you want, and a few other options. In total, the average price for a residential project fully installed is $5,700. Our comprehensive proposal will provide you with 3 custom installation packages to choose from based on the information we collect during your site visit. You simply pick the one that fits the best.


What can my Trimlights do?


Trimlights are the most innovative lighting product we have seen come to market in more than 20 years. In a massive departure from traditional fixed holiday lighting, Trimlights boast more than 15 million color options that can be easily configured and controlled via a mobile app. Customizations span a wide range of animations, color patterns and brightness and can be programmed to any number of pre-set calendar events. The newest upgrade to the Trimlight mobile app provides integrations with Google, Alexa and music synchronization. In short, Trimlights can do just about anything you could hope a lighting system would.

Want to see them in action?
Just click here to learn more and watch a short video.


How are my Trimlights installed?


Trimlights are carefully installed to integrate into the architectural design of your home. Similar to your Wi-Fi provider, a weather-proof control box which contains the power and control units is fixed on either the interior, or exterior of your home. High-grade aluminum channels coated to match the trim color of your home are securely mounted to the back side of the fascia, or alternative support structure. All wires are hidden inside the channel, or integrated into your home so that they will be as invisible as possible. When we’re done with installation, one of our team members will provide you with personalized instruction on how to use the Trimlight app with your mobile device. We suggest setting out your favorite lawn chair where you can see your display and sipping a drink while exploring your new Trimlight system.


What’s the difference between Basic, Plus & Premium?


Rather than give you one price and say, “That’s it — take it, or leave it”, DAPrDAN offers 3 distinct options to choose from:

BASIC Installation
This is your Trimlight install stripped down to the chassis. It’s all you need for a great looking display, including our standard 2-year service warranty… and with no upgrades, the cost is most affordable.

PLUS Installation
This includes everything in Basic, plus an optional upgrade to the Trimlight v2 controller, a 3-year limited service warranty and a variety of other customizations to your Trimlight display.

PREMIUM Installation
For those who want only the best… Premium includes the upgraded Trimlight Edge controller, 6-inch spacing, 5-year service warranty, and a host of other product and service upgrades.

The good news… every one of DAPrDAN’s proposals stacks these 3 options side by side for you to compare. Just select the one that fits best.


Will my Trimlights be visible during the day?


Technically speaking, yes, your Trimlights will be visible during the day. However, anyone looking at them won’t know what they’re looking at unless they are told, and in most cases the Trimlight channel blends into the design of your home and becomes ‘invisible’ to the untrained eye. Take a look at these photos to see what we mean. The true litmus test in the holiday lighting industry is whether the lights can remain up year round inside a tightly regulated HOA. Trimlight has proudly surpassed every scrutiny and is approved by HOAs across the Puget Sound region.


Will there be any exposed wires?


Every Trimlight installation requires a control box that plugs into an existing 120v outlet. From the box we need to feed 12v to the light string at the nearest eave of your home. Occasionally, there may be a few feet of wire exposed, however we can hide it, or enclose it into a color-matched aluminum sheath to improve aesthetics. Our goal with every installation is to conceal the evidence of Trimlight’s infrastructure from view — we only want to reveal the lit diodes on demand. To achieve this outcome we have become masters of tucking, covering and ultimately hiding the structure of your Trimlight system from view. But, when you turn them on… BAM!!! — Enjoy the show 🙂


What if my Trimlights stop working?


Your Trimlight system comes with the best product and service warranty in the industry. How do we know this? Check it out!… All of the workmanship to install your Trimlights is automagically warranted for a period of 2 years on our Basic installation plan, 3 years on our Plus plan, and a full 5 years on our Premium plan. On top of that, all of the Trimlight product installed on your eaves is warranted for 30 years. Ridgeline installations (on the roof) are warranted for only 1 year due to their exposure to direct environmental impacts. Longer warranty periods are available for purchase.

What does this mean for you?
Simple… if a light goes out, or the system stops responding for any reason, contact us and we will fix it at no charge within the warranty period. Any service calls made outside the warranty period will be billed at the regular hourly rate of the installer, however all parts replacements are free of charge up to 30 years from the date of installation. Pretty cool, eh?


How long will it take to install my Trimlights?


Generally, it takes one technician a full work day to install about 150 linear feet of Trimlight on a standard residence. A team of 2 technicians can install between 280 and 320 linear feet of Trimlight in similar conditions. For larger projects we may assign a larger team to accomplish your install in a shorter timeframe, or extend the install over a few days. Just as there are several factors that influence the final price of your Trimlight system, these same factors affect the time to install. Whenever possible, your Trimlight representative will work with you to determine the best approach that respects both your time and budget restrictions.


Will my Trimlights sync to music? Google? Alexa?


If you have the Trimlight EDGE controller, the answer is YES across the board. Synchronizing to any music and voice control through Google, or Alexa is waiting for you with the Trimlight Edge controller upgrade. Now, all new Trimlight installations come standard with the Edge controller.
Think of the possibilities.


How long will my Trimlights last?


Trimlight is a fairly new product, however the durable materials they’re made from, their highly scrutinized manufacturing process, and quality installation all suggest they will last a very long time. What’s good to know is that all Trimlight product installed by DAPrDAN is warranted as follows: All installation labor 2 to 5 years (depending on warranty selection), All product installed on the roof (1 year), All other product (30 years).


Are my Trimlights under warranty?

Yes, all Trimlight product and installation is under warranty. You can register your Trimlight product for warranty coverage immediately upon completion of install and the payment of your final invoice. All workmaship is under warranty retroactively from the date of installation.


Do you have more questions?

We know you may have other questions, and we want to get you answers!

Please contact our Trimlight sales team 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday at (425) 300-1060, or send us an email anytime at We look forward to working with you.





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