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Julia Larsen
Julia Larsen
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DAPrDAN is amazing. They provide great customer service, they communicate with you every step of the way. They do fantastic work, my roof and gutters look beautiful. The before and after pictures are cool too! I would definitely recommend them and will use them anytime I need something done. Thank you!
Suzanne Barker
Suzanne Barker
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I contacted DAPrDAN to clean my very clogged gutters and very mossy roof. They were extremely pleasant and professional from start to finish. I was kept apprised of the process from booking the service to completion. I am extremely pleased with the work that was done.
Sheri Schroeder
Sheri Schroeder
Read More
Highly recommend this service! Very professional and detail oriented. Did all work as planned and it was high-quality.. I will definitely be using the service in the future. During their last visit, they cleaned all gutters on a three-story home and cleaned all windows inside and out and left them sparkling.


Roof Cleaning

  • Soft washing was developed in 1991 by AC Lockyer as the process of cleaning building exteriors chemically without the use of any pressure. The soft washing equipment is for solution application only. The chemicals do all the cleaning and the surface is rinsed clean with water less than 150psi, typically from a garden hose. A soft wash system is always an agricultural style sprayer that’s only use is to apply the soft washing solution. The solution does all the cleaning and absolutely no pressure is required.

  • Yes, bleach is a safe household chemical. It has been in regular consumer use for over 100 years and is biodegradable. Bleach is recommended by the CDC and the WHO for sanitizing surfaces, and in 2020 was named as the #1 preferred solution for disinfecting surfaces of the Corona virus (Covid19). Bleach is widely available and is cost effective. Bleach occurs naturally in the environment, and has known variables.

  • The chemical name for bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite, which is commonly called liquid chlorine and pool shock. Bleach is on the US DOT listings for hazardous materials as well as on the list for hazardous substances. Because Sodium Hypochlorite is on the hazardous substances list, a commercial drivers license is required along with a hazardous materials endorsement in order to transport more than 119 gallons.

  • We are seeing cost increases in supplies, fuel, labor and taxes. The cost to clean most types of roofs can fluctuate depending on the type of surface and the degree to which maintenance has been deferred. Most types of roofs will cost between $0.40 and $0.55 per square foot to clean, restore and qualify to receive our 3-year warranty.

  • Roofs are expensive to repair and replace, so keeping a clean and well maintained roof is very important, and a good investment. When a roof is not maintained properly in the Pacific Northwest, debris such as pine needles, leaves and pollen will collect in valleys and behind vents and chimneys. The organic buildup will decompose and create a fertile bed for algae (gloeocapsa magma), moss and lichen, all which have aggressive root structures that work to break apart the protective layers of your roof. This, in combination with excessive moisture, in time will allow water to infiltrate the roof, creating soft spots, dry rot in calls and rafters and eventually failure of the structure. It is critical to maintain your roof, keeping it clear of all growing organic species.

  • Determining the best method to clean a roof depends on 3 main factors: (1) the type of roof material, (2) the current condition of the roof, and (3) the safety of the working crew. When considering these 3 factors, in almost every case, the best method for cleaning roof is to apply a soft washing treatment of sodium hypochlorite and various biodegradable enzymes and surfactants to safely emulsify the organic matter. Over time (typically 30 to 90 days) the roof will return to its original color and condition. In some cases, it may be necessary to brush and/or blow bulk organic debris from valleys and behind vents. A thorough cleaning of the gutter and downspout system should always be performed with cleaning the roof.

  • A soft clean, or soft wash cleaning for a roof that involves applying a low-pressure (about 70PSI) mixture of sodium hypochlorite, biodegradable enzymes, surfactants and water to the entire roof surface is typically between $0.40 and $0.55 per square foot in 2022. This includes a 3-year warranty.

  • The dark streaks you see on your roof is a bacteria called gloeocapsa magma. Gloeocapsa Magma is a species of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are an ancient line of photosynthesizing bacteria that photolyze water-generating oxygen gas. You must treat these types of bacteria and algae with the appropriate combination of chemicals to ensure a 100% kill ratio. This cleaning method more closely resembles a pest control application, rather than pressure washing.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite is a yellow fluid that is used for sanitation, cleaning and bleaching. At DAPrDAN, we use sodium hypochlorite that comes in a 12.5% strength. OSHA 1910 states that the SH must be labeled for building exterior cleaning. Sodium Hypochlorite is commonly packaged in a yellow 2.5-gallon jerry jug, 5-gallon tote, 15-gallon carboy container, 35-gallon barrel, 55-gallon barrel, and 250-gallon totes. The DOT identification number for bleach is 1791 and for transportation requires labeling, but not always placarding.

  • Aesthetics: Many people choose to clean their roofs regularly in order to prevent ugly collections of leaves and needles, as well as streaks from green moss, algae and bacteria. Insurance: Recently, many insurance underwriters have rejected homeowners insurance policy renewals because there is moss growing on the roof. Moss is the number one reason for the premature replacement of roofs. Energy efficiency: The dark color of algae when covering a large part of the roof can cause the roof to absorb a significant amount of heat from sunlight, even up to 30%. Health: The accumulation of mold and fungus on roofs can spread through the air, grow on the front stoop and tracked into the home. This can be drawn into the air duct system and spread throughout the home. Design function: Regular roof cleaning will maintain the proper function of the roof design to shield the house from adverse weather conditions.

  • Mold, mildew, fungus and algae are all in the top 10 allergy irritants list. Mold and fungus are known culprits in Sick Building Syndrome. Moldy areas are one of the top environments looked for in a Legionnaires Disease outbreak. Growing cultures of bacteria and fungal strains may be dangerous to your health. Fungus on the roof spreads to the front stoop, which is stepped on and tracked into the home. From there, it resides in carpets and is pulled into the ducting system and spread throughout the house. Musty smelling homes are often due to moldy roofs.

  • Pressure washing only strips away the top of the algae bloom, or moss infected areas. Roots of the infestation are still within the surface you are cleaning. Power washing blasts the pores deeper into the surface. For example, when you mow your grass on a regular basis, it grows back thicker and healthier, and when you prune your hedges on a regular basis, they grow back thicker and healthier. Likewise, when you power wash your algae on a regular basis, it grows back thicker and healthier. It’s a lot like giving it a haircut, and then spreading it around. Soft washing is the best alternative to pressure washing. Soft washing treats the infestation at the root, and does not cause any damage from pressure. The cleaning solution offered by soft washing is a more sustainable cleaning model above and beyond aesthetics.

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Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutters should be cleaned on a regular schedule. The frequency of that schedule depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to the coverage of trees around the house, the amount of rain that falls in a given season, and type of gutter system you have. The most common frequency for cleaning gutters seems to be between 2 and 4 times a year.

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Siding Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

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Skylight Cleaning

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Solar Panel Cleaning

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Driveway Cleaning

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Deck Cleaning

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Pressure Washing

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Christmas Lighting

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Other Services

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DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van

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DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
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