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Julia Larsen
Julia Larsen
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DAPrDAN is amazing. They provide great customer service, they communicate with you every step of the way. They do fantastic work, my roof and gutters look beautiful. The before and after pictures are cool too! I would definitely recommend them and will use them anytime I need something done. Thank you!
Suzanne Barker
Suzanne Barker
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I contacted DAPrDAN to clean my very clogged gutters and very mossy roof. They were extremely pleasant and professional from start to finish. I was kept apprised of the process from booking the service to completion. I am extremely pleased with the work that was done.
Sheri Schroeder
Sheri Schroeder
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Highly recommend this service! Very professional and detail oriented. Did all work as planned and it was high-quality.. I will definitely be using the service in the future. During their last visit, they cleaned all gutters on a three-story home and cleaned all windows inside and out and left them sparkling.

Seattle Roof Cleaning

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Seattle roof cleaning service for single, or multi-level homes and commercial buildings. DAPrDAN provides the best roof cleaning service in Seattle. Remove algae and moss that eat away at roofing tiles, causing soft spots, leaks and water intrusion. Expose areas of roof damage that needs immediate repair. Remove corrosive residues from shingles and prolong the life of your roof. Reduce the amount of silt and mud that winds up in your gutters. Restore the original color of your roof… It’s all possible when you select from one of four Seattle roof cleaning options:

  • BASIC Roof Cleaning includes removing branches and other large debris from the roof surface, blowing loose debris from roof valleys and surface tiles, collecting and disposing of roof debris (from gutters and landscape), tidy perimeter landscape affected by roof debris, and a detailed blow of the driveway, walkways, patios and decks.

  • PLUS Roof Cleaning includes everything in the BASIC roof cleaning, plus lightly brushing accessible areas of the roof where moss is visible, applying anti-moss zinc oxide granules along roof ridgelines, and our 1-year no-moss warranty.

  • PREMIUM Roof Cleaning includes everything in the BASIC roof cleaning, plus lightly brushing accessible areas of the roof where moss is visible, application of our biodegradable Green Wash to the roof surface, and our 1-year warranty against moss, algae, lichen and mold.

  • LUXURY Roof Cleaning includes everything in the PREMIUM roof cleaning, plus a thorough rinse of the roof, application of our antimicrobial sealant to the entire roof surface, and our 3-year warranty against moss, algae, lichen and mold.

All Seattle roof cleaning service includes removing large branches and other large debris from your roof surface, blowing roof valleys and surface roof tiles of loose debris, and a thorough clean up of the surrounding property.

Interested in having DAPrDAN clean the roof at your Seattle home? Give us a call at (425) 659-3009 for a FREE Instant Quote, or use the form below.

Very pleased with the work of DAPrDAN! Greg was very courteous, prompt and professional in his approach to cleaning our roof of moss. During this time of social distancing, DAPrDAN has a great approach to ‘contact-free’ service and the bill comes via email. They make everything easy. When it comes time for another roof cleaning, or treatment, I will definitely be giving him a call. I highly recommend!
— Brian H.


Seattle Roof Cleaning & Treatment Cost

Here in the Pacific Northwest our roofs see a lot of rain. They also collect deposits of fir needles, deciduous leaves and a huge variety of other organic debris. In short order, this debris decomposes and creates a fertile nutrient layer for algae, moss and lichen to grow, all of which have root structures that break down the protective layers of your roof, allowing water to seep in and quietly wreak havoc.

Reality is… Once you have visible moss on your roof, you’ve moved from the maintenance camp into restoration territory, and things are serious. However, one hasty pressure wash of a composite roof can be equal to scraping off 10 years of life expectancy, and your roof’s manufacturer will no longer honor your warranty. So, if you look up and see moss on your roof, what are you to do? 

Softwashing by DAPrDAN is the ONLY safe and effective alternative to power washing that also kills these organic, invasive pests at the root. At DAPrDAN, we guarantee a complete 100% remediation of all moss, lichen, algae, mildew and mold, ALL WITHOUT ANY RISK OF DAMAGE TO YOUR ROOF. And because all our chemicals are naturally biodegradable, you never have to worry about your impact on the environment. Taking into consideration your roof type and construction, DAPrDAN’s thoughtful and calculated approach to roof cleaning allows us to dial in the right solution for your home on the spot, based entirely on the current condition of your roof.

We know you care about your roof, and DAPrDAN is the right partner for both restoration, and maintenance. 

Need service for your house in Seattle around 98119? Receive an instant, online proposal and schedule your service at right now. Enjoy a minimum of 3 years warranty on any Premium, or better roof cleaning service. Enjoy peace of mind knowing all our skilled employees have passed extensive background checks and that DAPrDAN is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

So, what are you waiting for? Extend the life of your roof… Get your free quote today and TRANSFORM YOUR HOME EXTERIOR with DAPrDAN.

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Basic Seattle roof cleaning is the best fit for regular roof maintenance. As our most economical solution, it removes the bulk of most debris so roofs stay healthy and in proper function.


preservation of composite roofs

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, Seattle composite roofs should NEVER be power washed. Instead, you should softwash them with DAPrDAN’s proprietary Green Wash solution.


PREMIUM roof washing

Premium Seattle roof washing follows all manufacturer’s recommended guidelines to maximize the life and warranty of your roof. Our gentle soft washing techniques get the job done right.

roof valley cleaning

roof valley cleaning

Your Seattle roof valleys are essential to moving rainwater from your roof to the gutter where it is carried away from risk of interior wall and crawl space intrusion. Keep them free flowing with regular roof maintenance from DAPrDAN.


roof Jobsite Cleanup

As your Seattle roof cleaning company, our job wouldn’t be complete if we left behind a mess. That’s why we commit to ensuring all exterior surfaces are blown clear of all debris fallen during the roof cleaning process.


roof emergency

Completely avoid an emergency by keeping your roof clean with a custom maintenance plan from DAPrDAN. Not only will we keep your Seattle roof clean, but also gutters, windows, solar panels, driveways, decks and more.

Top 3 Seattle Roof Cleaning FAQs


what is your roof cleaning process?

DAPrDAN provides 4 roof cleaning solutions from which to select your ideal clean. From simple maintenance to detailed quality, your options include Basic, Plus, Premium and Luxury.

Basic roof cleaning includes blowing loose collections of organic debris from the surface of the roof so that rainwater can flow freely to the gutters and away from the foundation of your home. This is also the most economical option and is often selected for regularly scheduled roof maintenance. As you move into Plus, Premium and Luxury the scope of work increases to include cleaning of moss, algae, mildew and harmful bacteria (called gloeocapsa magma which is responsible for the dark black streaks on your roof), as well as sealing the roof surface to preserve it for up to 3 years.

Every DAPrDAN roof cleaning service includes a thorough cleanup around your home so that no mess is left behind.



how much does it cost for roof cleaning services?

We get this question a lot. The good news is that we built a very smart tool that takes into account all of the business costs we could think of based on everything from your location to the type of roof you have; even crazy details like the type of material the parts of your home are made of and the costs of business insurance and livable wages in various counties — a comprehensive pricing tool that gives you a real price from a company that is reliable and safe to work with on your property.

So, when you ask how much it costs to clean your roof, we’ll say,
“Right away — let me get you an ‘Instant Quote’.”



what services do you provide other than roof cleaning?

DAPrDAN is a residential exterior cleaning service company. In this space we provide much more than just roof cleaning. You can also get an instant quote for gutter cleaning, window cleaning, siding cleaning, deck and porch cleaning, patio and walkway cleaning, driveway cleaning, fence cleaning, solar panel cleaning and even holiday lighting. Now, since we provide all these super valuable services that are recurring by nature, we also provide a maintenance subscription service that allows you to control what and when things get done over the long-term.



“Thank you for considering DAPrDAN for your Seattle roof cleaning project. I am very familiar with the unique solutions required to maintain Northwest properties. If you ever have a question, or want to discuss your project in person, please give me a call at (425) 659-3009.

Greg Sicotte, Owner





Licensed | Bonded | Insured | Uniformed | Background Checked | Drug Tested
Registered with the Washington State Labor & Industries, Washington Secretary of State

DAPrDAN is a S.A.F.E. company


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Seattle roof moss removal services

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Background Checked

Drug Tested

Registered with the Washington State Labor & Industries, Washington Secretary of State

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DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van

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