Gutter Services Protect Your Home


Your gutters do a great job in protecting your home. Don’t let leaves, dirt, and other unnecessary critters cause unneeded expenses and stress. And don’t risk the danger of getting up there on a ladder to try to clean your gutters yourself — please believe us when we say, the risk is never worth it.

At DAPrDAN, we thoroughly clean your gutter system. Our team of techs is experienced in getting up high on a ladder to remove all of those little things that can cause big problems. Depending on the service you require, we utilize various roof washing techniques such as power washing and soft washing. Whichever process we use, we ensure that it is gentle on your home, removes those unnecessary stains, and improves your home's aesthetics.


What your neighbor in Kirkland, WA says:

The crew from DAPrDAN were our Saints from Heaven! We have a high roof that needed the moss and algae cleaned off, as well as the gutters and windows cleaned. We can’t believe the difference! Everyone was working together and enjoying themselves like a Disney movie. What an incredible company you have! We are signing up for regular services from DAPrDAN and will recommend to friends.
— Jay & Suzy S., Kirkland, WA