Affordable, budget-friendly plans to keep your home smiling.


When home maintenance tasks get put off (due to high cost, for example), they can mutate into wallet-eating monsters called “restoration projects”. This is when a relatively inexpensive task like gutter cleaning, leads to water intrusion into the walls of the home, causing dry rot and pest invasion. A $200 gutter cleaning can quickly become a $25,000 renovation.

At DAPrDAN, we make maintaining your home a no-brainer. Check out what we can do for only $99/month

  • Blow loose debris from roof surface (2x per year)

  • Clean all gutters & downspouts (2x per year)

  • Clean all exterior windows (2x per year)

PLUS… choose from 1 of the following 3 options:

  • OPTION 1: Clean exterior siding (1x per year)

  • OPTION 2: Clean interior windows (2x per year)

  • OPTION 3: Apply anti-moss treatment to roof (1x per year)


What your neighbor in Renton, WA says:

DAPrDAN did the best job and gave the best service that I have had in a long time. I had a concern and they gladly returned at my convenience. The tech was polite and skilled at his work. I am a member for life.
— Anne M., Renton, WA