A Clean Fence Makes You a Good Neighbor


Peering through your windows to the world outside, your fence stands guard, keeping strangers out and loved ones in. It’s the structure that designates property lines and the place you call home. If your wood fence is left to the elements, its classic look can quickly turn to disrepair. The combination of UV rays and dust can make your fence look old, where as our wet northwest climate can produce slimy-looking stains that darken from mold and algae. But, with DAPrDAN just around the corner, there’s no need to worry. We can restore the look of your fence and, in turn, raise the overall aesthetic value of your property.


What your neighbor in Snoqualmie, WA says:

These gentlemen were respectful and thorough. I was able to customize my cleaning and window washing into a package that met my needs, was competitively priced and both were done in an extremely timely manner. Highly recommend!
— Jay Lynn C., Snoqualmie, WA