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Cleaning Your Metal Roof

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Before discussing what a metal roof cleaner does and why you need one, congratulations on choosing a metal roof; if properly installed, metal roofs are nearly impenetrable and protect everything underneath them. If not installed properly, the elements can pull off the panels. If you have concerns about the installation, contact a roofing contractor. This blog will address how to restore and maintain your correctly installed metal roof and applies to all types of metal roofs in the Seattle area: sheet, flat shingle, and raised shingle. 

Why You Need to Clean Your Metal Roof

Metal alone is not conducive to moss growth. However, you may have noticed moss on your or your neighbor’s metal roof. This is the result of debris accumulation. When debris piles up on your roof, it decomposes and creates a nutrient-rich environment for moss to grow. In the Pacific Northwest, debris on the roof is inevitable. Our lush environment leads to a collection of pine needles, branches, and leaves. Your roof’s pipes, vents, and snow guards prevent this debris from sliding off. In addition to your roof’s structure, algae growth allows for debris to gather. Because it creates friction, it prevents pine needles from sliding off the roof. If unaddressed, the pine needles will decompose and lead to moss growth. Fortunately, a qualified metal roof cleaner can resolve and prevent this problem, which we’ll address shortly.

Unlike moss growth, you cannot prevent oxidation, which is the loss of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion. We’ll spare you the chemistry lesson. Just know that it’s a natural byproduct of having a metal roof (oxygen molecules penetrating the surface), which algae and lichen growth exacerbate. It’s no surprise that algae and lichen are inevitable in Seattle’s environment, making a routine cleaning of your roof necessary.

How DAPrDAN Restores and Maintains Your Metal Roof

Oxidation on a metal roof shows as a chalky layer on the surface, which requires a DAPrDAN restorative surface before you’re on a maintenance plan. Our restorative service is very labor-intensive and starts with a soft wash containing sodium hypochlorite and an anti-oxidation additive. The sodium hypochlorite will remove and prevent growth at the root (click here to learn more about our use of sodium hypochlorite). At the same time, the anti-oxidation additive breaks down the chalky layer on the surface. We then use a bristle brush to loosen the chalkiness and rinse it off. We do as much work as possible from the ground or a ladder for safety. When we have to be on the roof, we tie it off and wear special shoes to prevent slipping. Your roof will be like new when we’re done, and you can transition to a DAPrDAN maintenance plan. 

Our maintenance service does not include scrubbing the roof, though we’d be so buff if it did. The maintenance plan is an annual soft wash to remove the algae, which will keep your metal in like-new condition. Know that the longer you defer maintenance, the more you need a restorative service. We strongly recommend a maintenance plan after you’ve returned your roof to like-new.

All of the above applies to metal siding as well. 

To have DAPrDAN clean your metal roof (or siding), call us at (425) 659-3009 or get a free instant quote online.

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DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van
DAPrDAN Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Service Company Van

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